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This is such great news we had to share it!

Home prices are on the rise!  Nationally home prices have risen more than 5% in the last year!!! Click here to see the infographic and read about it.  If you want detailed information for your town, just contact us. All opinions, information and data provided is deemed reliable but is ...

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Venus and Jupiter Conjunction

If the skies cooperate we will be in for a rare display this Friday and Saturday evenings.  Jupiter and Venus will be making their closest (apparent) approach to each other, it will be the closest approach until 2065! The two planets will appear about 0.1 degrees apart.  For scale the full ...

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3 Great Benefits to Downsizing

Here’s a question you should ask yourself: Do you have too much house? Perhaps the kids have moved out and you’re tired of cleaning 3 bathrooms, mowing the lawn, and the expense of heating and cooling 4 bedrooms is getting old, then it just might be time to downsize. You’ll ...

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