Safely using protective gloves during the COVID-19 outbreak

March 21, 2020

We are NOT safety experts but have seen this information posted from reliable sources.

We’ve probably all seen people in the supermarket wearing a mask and/or rubber or nitrile gloves.  Kudos for trying to keep safe.

But if you’re going to use PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment) here’s a simple thing to remember.  When you’re wearing them you should assume that they ARE contaminated.  Let’s look at gloves, while wearing them, you don’t want to touch something that you wouldn’t want the virus to live on. When wearing gloves try to keep one hand clean and ONLY use that to touch your face or your phone.  We’ll call your other gloved hand “dirty”, you should only use it to touch surfaces that may be contaminated, such as shopping cart handles, railings, doorknobs, etc.

When removing gloves pinch the palm area and carefully roll it inside-out.  This should keep any germs on the inside-out part of the glove.  This is important!  Take your gloves off and dispose of them BEFORE touching any clean surfaces, like your car door handle.  

Let’s be smart, exercise social distancing when you have to go out and let’s flatten the curve!