Real Estate Agents need to be Real-ly good at communication

April 11, 2017


My clients loved the photos of the house you’re listing. They’ve called me three times already asking to see it. But the instructions on the MLS say that I have to schedule appointments directly with you, and you’re not calling me back.


Finally we get in to see the house and my clients still love it. They make an offer. I submit the offer to you. Four days later, I still haven’t heard from you.

 waiting for a phone call

In any given 24 hour period, a real estate agent needs to communicate with any number of people incuding clients, leads, attorneys, inspectors, mortgage reps, title agents, appraisers, tank specialists, networking partners, our broker, and the public. And that’s a lot of communication. It takes dogged persistance to reach out and touch someone over and over again, and our phones are never idle.

waiting for a phone call part 2

I’m sure that’s true for all agents.

Which is why I get it. I understand why contacting other agents is low on your priority list. You’re tired of talking on the phone. You would much rather spend your time talking with actual clients and getting things checked off your never ending to-do list. I get it.

But you have to call me back. 

Nothing gets my goat more than an agent who doesn’t return a phone call. Whether I’ve left you a message asking about a listing or if I’ve emailed you with an offer on a property you’re listing, I need a response.

phone and computer

Suggestions for the recalcitrant Realtor:

  • If you’re afraid that calling me will result in a phone conversation that too long and takes up too much of your time, just text me.
  • If you get a call from me but can’t look up the answer right then, text me and say “I’m out of the office but I’ll get back to you before evening.” And then get back to me.
  • Make “Call back” time part of your schedule.
  • Hire an assistant who can return calls for you.

Years ago, we were taking a mini second honeymoon in Cape May. While we were enjoying a bottle of wine in the Cape May Winery, Wayne got a phone call from another agent.

wayne cape may

That’s professionalism. That’s doing what’s right for our clients. That’s what it looks like when an agent is accessible.

Whatever it takes, please return my calls!