Make Good Use of your Spare Bedroom!

September 27, 2017

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Have the kids moved out? Do you have a little extra space, but aren’t quite ready to downsize?

If you have a spare room in your house, put it to good use! Here are some ideas:

  1. Guest room – If you have lots of overnight guests, it’s handy to have a guest room.
  2. Art room – Paint, sculpt?
  3. Man cave – Who wouldn’t want a comfy recliner and some wife-less tv?
  4. Bar – Maybe a gentlemen’s club with dark wood and green lampshades, or maybe a tiki bar with giant potted plants and brightly colored chairs.
  5. Office – Set up the computer and some filing cabinets and you’re good to go.
  6. Music room – Guitar, keyboard, or stero – what do you play
  7. Game room – No longer will you be frustrated that our Monopoly game has to be cleaned up to serve a meal.
  8. Storage – This could be a great place for out of season clothes and decorations.
  9. Home theater – Big screen tv, comfy recliners, popcorn machine, refrigerator for drinks.
  10. Video game room – The Wii and PlayStation and Nintendo can all have a home that isn’t hidden under your living room couch.
  11. Library – Walls and walls and walls of leather bound books and an armchair and ottoman in the middle.
  12. Puzzle room – Spend 5 minutes a day for the next few months solving a 2000 piece puzzle.
  13. Rec room – Darts, pool table, foosball.
  14. Pet room – Keep the cat toys and scratching posts in one place, or line the walls with tropical aquariums.
  15. Fitness room – Store your Stairmaster, exercise bike, and Nautilus equipment here.
  16. Yoga room – Peaceful surroundings, a few yoga mats, towels and candles.
  17. Gardening room – A place to re-pot your plants and start your seedlings.
  18. Hobby room – From tying fishing lures to collecting coins, everything needs space.
  19. Playroom – Keep your kids’ toys and games and itty bitty furniture out of their bedrooms and out of your living room.
  20. Walk-in Closet – A small bedroom can be converted to a giant closet.
  21. Workbench – If you keep your car in your garage, you might not have a place for your tools.
  22. Craft room – Finally a place to indulge your scrapbooking or jewelry making hobbies.
  23. Homework room – Give the kids a place for their computers and stock it with sharp pencils and healthy snacks.
  24. Wine Cellar – Install a bar and racks for your wine glasses and create a sipping room to sample your collection.
  25. Breakfast nook – If you don’t have an eat in kitchen, the dining room might feel a bit formal for your bagel  so indulge yourself with a bright kitchenette. Put the coffee pot on a counter and you’re ready to go.


Whatever you decide to do with your spare room, the great news is you’re not committed to it. You can change your mind any time and make it something else!