Linden Real Estate Market 4 Year Trend Analysis

January 29, 2017

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Linden’s real estate market continues to show slow and steady improvement. The large number of distressed properties – short sales, pre-foreclosures, and foreclosures – impact the real estate market’s overall picture negatively, but, as the distressed properties clear off the market, the slow and steady progress will be more obvious.

Here’s a snapshot of the four year trend analysis of the real estate market in Linden:

Home sales: 366 homes were sold in Linden in 2016, up 73% from the 211 homes that were sold in 2013.

Sale price: The average home sale price in Linden in 2016 was $220,343, up 7% from the 2013 average sale price of $204,771.

Days on Market: In 2013, a homeowner could expect a 111 day gap between offering the home for sale and completion of a contract for sale. After 4 years of steady improvement, the days on market average in Linden in 2-16 is 81 days – still slow for Union County but a definite improvement nonetheless.


Linden real estate market year end trend analysis