Staging and Decluttering your Hall Closet

July 9, 2018

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We’ve been helping people sell their homes for years, and we’ve got lots of tricks and tips to make it easier for sellers to get their home ready. But no matter how many tricks and tips we have, it’s still a lot of work preparing a home to sell. If you’ve been in your home a long time, it’s even harder.

We’re soon to be empty nesters as Child #2 plans to move out this summer in pursuit of his life long dream job which requires residency in a different town. We don’t need 3 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, a family room, and a home office any more. But boy oh boy do we have a lot of stuff! In this new video series, join us as we get our home ready to sell. In each video, we’ll tackle one trouble spot in our home – removing clutter, making upgrades, and staging our home to make it easier to sell.

Here’s the first video installment – our foyer closet. Do you have an entrance hall closet that is out of control? Ours was loaded with dozens of pairs of shoes and boots, jackets, umbrellas, wrapping paper, party supplies, and all kinds of junk. Here’s how we streamlined it to make it ready for buyers to see.