Home Improvements that Improve your Home’s Sale Price!

June 21, 2017

Dear TZ,

We’re going to be listing our home for sale this fall. What can we do now to improve the sale price of our home?

~ Savvy Suzanne

Dear Suzanne,

You are savvy indeed. Your home will not only sell faster but it will also sell for more money if you do some quick home improvements now. Of course, not all home improvements are beneficial to you from a financial standpoint, but some improvements can make a huge difference in your home.

First of all, any broken lights, windows, screens, hardware, etc., have to be repaired.  Get rid of any smells – smoke, pets, cooking odors turn away buyers. This will not improve the sale price of your home but will instead help get your home sold. In the end, small repairs left undone communicate that your home isn’t well cared for and potential buyers will be nervous to make an offer.

Big projects like adding a bathroom or renovating your kitchen will certainly get you more money for your home but they will also cost you more money. Most big projects cost more than they increase the value of the home. There are, however, some home improvements that actually give you a Return on Investment (ROI) and increase the sale price of your home even more than you paid for the improvement. The value of home improvements vary with trends – remember shag carpeting? Every year, the ROI of various home improvements are calculated and compared.

The four biggest home improvements to improve ROI this year are:

For a complete list of home improvement projects and their impact on home value, see Houselogic.

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