Birthday Parade

May 9, 2020

Today we participated in a birthday parade. It’s not our first, and I doubt it will be our last.

Who today’s parade was for (Lisa Mohn of Apple Blossom Florist) is less important than what today’s parade was about. It was about a community of friends choosing to honor one of their own despite social distancing orders and the crippling fear of COVID19. It was about celebrating life’s moments in a new way now that the old ways aren’t available to us. It was about finding new ways of connecting when so much seems lost.

We may have to be geographically distant in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones from a virus, but we don’t have to be emotionally distant. We can show people that we love them, support them, and wish them well even though we can’t hug them.

So, Lisa, happiest birthday wishes to you. We hope we helped make your day brighter. And we hope that everyone everywhere finds something, or someone, to celebrate today, and every day.