Are you ready for Harper?

January 19, 2019

Apparently something called Harper is headed toward New Jersey. According to the weather forecasters, this could be anything from a 4-5 inch storm to a 15 inch blizzard complete with an ice storm and winds high enough to knock down trees.

Back in November, New Jersey was forecast to have just a few inches of snow, nothing major. Schools did not close, life went on as usual. By the time I headed home at 3:00, five inches was already on the ground and coming down faster than I’ve ever seen. All of New Jersey was in gridlock with cars on every road. I sat in bumper to bumper traffic for nearly 3 hours to drive my 8 mile commute. Students were trapped in their schools overnight. Many people found shelter in the homes of relatives and friends and hotels that quickly filled up. It was a nightmare with about 10 inches falling in total.

And now we all have a little anxiety about this storm. As I’ve said, the forecasters are all over the place with what to expect.  

Here are my thoughts, in random order:

  • Why is snow forecasting so difficult?  We can help color blind people see colors. We have nearly eradicated polio. We can 3D print heart valves.  Yet weather remains a complete mystery.
  • Grocery delivery services are the best treat I’ve ever given myself. Fat free ReddiWhip and chocolate hummus are on their way to our house right now.
  • Our town has pre-brined the roads twice in the last 24 hours. What’s the benefit to doing it twice? Does the salt runoff into the duck pond by the high school? Will the ducks get sick? Does anyone know?
  • Is there a financial benefit to tv stations constantly warning us about the storm? And why am I so compelled to listen to the forecast over and over and over again?
  • Should I bake cookies, paint the living room, or read a book? Maybe I can do all three? What would you do?