Are commissions negotiable in NJ?

June 20, 2017


Dear TZ,

When I asked you about commission, you told me that all real estate commissions in New Jersey are “negotiable.” How low will you go? Why would I ever pay more if I can negotiate less?

~Darryl Dealmaker

Dear Darryl,

Real estate commissions are negotiable in New Jersey, and you’ll often find local trends.

In life, you get what you pay for.

First, take a look at what I pay for, out of my own pocket, whether your home sells or not. I pay for the listing on the MLS, for the sign, for the photographer, for the flyers to be designed and printed, for a postcard mailing or two or three, for lunch for the broker’s open house, for snacks for the public open house(s), for the virtual tour, the lock box, and for the newspaper advertisements. Even if your home doesn’t sell, I provide these services. I also have probably already spent several hours working on your home – meeting with you, preparing a comparative market analysis and preparing a marketing plan. That is completely free to you, the home seller.

Once you have listed your home, I am your front line of defense. I protect your privacy while screening potential buyers. I interface with other agents to present your home in its best light.  And in the end, I will negotiate a contract with a buyer that is worthy of the commission I have earned. While your home is negotiateunder contract, I am the quarterback of your successful home sale, arranging for inspections, appraisals, and all manner of inconveniences that you can ignore.

When it comes to the person negotiating your home sale with a potential buyer, do you want to hire someone who couldn’t even negotiate his/her own commission? Or do you want a strong competent experienced professional? You get what you pay for.

~ Team Zuhl

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