April Fools with the Zuhls

April 1, 2017

Happy April Fools Day!

Did you get pranked today? Did you prank anyone?april fool

Where did this tradition come from, anyway?

  • One legend says that April Fools Day had its start in the 1500s when New Years Day was moved from April 1st to January 1st. An April Fool was someone who could be tricked into believing that April 1st was the New Year. People used to pay New Years visits on their victims on April 1st to try to fool them into thinking it was the new year.
  • Another possible reason for April Fools Day is because nature is so fickle that it fools people into thinking it’s spring when there are still cold days to come. The change of seasons brings out the foolishness in everyone.
  • Others say that April Fools Day commemorates the crow who set out from Noah’s ark looking for dry land but couldn’t find any.

What are the April Fools rules?

  • Pranks are supposed to be harmless and in good fun. Mean spirited pranks aren’t fun for anyone.
  • Some people follow the superstition that you can’t play pranks after noon or else you’ll have bad luck.
  • People who are pranked and don’t react in good humor superstitiously receive bad luck in return.

What’s your favorite April Fools Day prank?pa