Nothing fishy about buying and selling a home in Cranford in August of 2019

August 23, 2019

nothing fishy about buying a home in cranford

Homeowners, or people who want to be homeowners, need to keep up to date on the real estate market conditions in Cranford. Every month, we crunch the numbers and let you know what’s going on.

If you own a home, plan to sell a home, or plan to buy a home in Cranford, our monthly real estate market report contains important information.



Key Points:

  • In July, 22 single family homes were sold and 115 homes were offered for sale, up  from 99 homes offered for sale in July of 2018 and compared to the 12 month average of 96 homes offered for sale. Buyers find Clark attractive, and homeowners benefit in the form of increasing sales prices and decreasing days on market.
  • The average list price in Clark in July was $551,345 (compared to $549,932 in July of 2018) and the average sale price was $435,132 (compared to $501,944 in July of 2018). Prices are increasing but that is not unusual for Clark in the summer.  
  • The average sold home in Clark in June was sold after only 28 days on the market, significantly faster than the 12 month average of 42 days. Buyers who are out and looking for houses are ready to make a move quickly!

To read the full Clark Real Estate Market report for August, please click here.


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