11 Steps to Garage Sale Success

September 30, 2017

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One great way to de-clutter your home is to hold a garage sale! Not only do you eliminate unwanted things from your home, you earn a little pocket cash in the process.

Here is a step-by-step guide to holding your own garage sale this fall!

    1. Pick a date. You could participate in a town wide garage sale or hold your own.
    2. Obtain a permit or register if necessary. Different towns have different requirements. For example:
      • In Cranford, a permit is not necessary but a free registration with the Cranford PD is required (click here for the registration form).
      • In Clark, you will need a license which costs $3.00 ($1.50 for senior citizens) plus a $2.00 mailing fee (click here for the application form).
      • Rahway requires a $5.00 permit which must be applied for at the Department of Building.
      • Linden is hosting a town wide garage sale and waiving the permit fee on October 21st.   They’ll add your name to the list if you contact them in advance (click here).
      • Other towns also have permit requirements or registration requirements. Contact your town clerk for more information.
    3. Gather your goods. Decide what you want to sell. 


4. Price your items.     Lower priced items sell faster. If you want to get rid of everything, price it low! If you’re ok having things left over at the end of the day, price it high!




5. Buy or make some garage sale signs.

6. Advertise. Websites like www.yardsalesearch.com and garagesalefinder.com will help people to find your garage sale!  Use social media like Facebook and Twitter also.

      1. 7. Collect bags. I have a large collection of grocery store plastic bags under my sink (hit me up if you want some). Customers might buy several items and would appreciate a way to carry their finds home!


  1. 8. Hit the bank. Get some change – at least a few dollars worth of singles and some quarters and dimes ought to do it.
    1. 9. Set up. Use any spare card tables or patio furniture you have to display your items or just put them on the driveway. It’s easier for customers to see what you have if you sort by category – kitchen items, for example, together in one spot and children’s toys in another.
    2. 10. During the sale, chat people up! Garage sale customers like to haggle – you will sell more items if you’re willing to negotiate. If someone is buying a $20 dresser, it’s probably ok if you let them have the 25 cent book for free.
    3. 11. After the sale, consider donating your leftovers.

Good luck with your sale!