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As agents working in the Union County Area, we believe there are many things that make a Real Estate Agent a great REALTOR.  We have strived to become experts in the local market and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the local market and the Real Estate industry.  We understand that buying or selling a property can be stressful at times. A lack of communication and unfulfilled promises are a big problem in today’s real estate business. We strive to set ourselves apart from others because we truly dedicate our knowledge, services and time unconditionally. We want your Real Estate experience to be wonderful and worry free…. with Team Zuhl it will be!

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Don’t Forget the Commute

Some home buyers consider purchasing a home that is less expensive but farther away from work. In particular, people who work in an urban area sometimes consider living outside the city, where housing costs a little less. Is that a good option? It depends, to some extent, on the cost of ...

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Reasons to Consider Making a Move

When is it a good time to sell your property and buy another home? Whenever there’s a good reason to do so! There are many things that may motivate you to consider making a move. For example: Your current home no longer meets your needs. You may have more space than you ...

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SOLD!!! 660 North Broad Street Unit B17, Elizabeth

We are very happy to announce that our buyer has closed on the property at 660 North Broad Street, Unit 17B in Elizabeth. On a personal note, I’d like to wish many happy years and times for the buyer in their new home.  This 2 bedroom, 2 full bath condo ...

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Under Contract! 1190 Galley Avenue, Manahawkin

We are very happy to announce that our buyer (investor) has had their offer accepted and is now Under Contract on the house at 1190 Galley Avenue in Manahawkin. This unique home features 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, an open layout, a deck and much, much more. We expect our ...

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Be a Savvy Home Viewer

The last thing you want to experience after purchasing a home is “buyer’s regret”. That’s the sinking feeling you get when you realize, days or weeks later, that you may have made the wrong decision. Say, for example, you bought a home based on your first impressions. When you viewed it, ...

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What’s Great About your Community?

When potential buyers view your home, they are just as interested in the surrounding area as they are in the property itself. So, before listing your home on the market, it makes sense to think about your community and its key characteristics. Here’s a good way to do that: Imagine a relative ...

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Under Contract!!! 109 Galleon Road, Manahawkin

We are very happy to announce that their buyer’s offer was accepted and the home at 109 Galleon Road in Manahawkin is now Under Contract and scheduled to close in mid-July. Our buyers have been experiencing what many others have experienced: being on the wrong end of a bidding war.  ...

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The Problem with “Stuff”

The late comedian George Carlin used to have a routine called, “A place for my stuff.” He was referring to the idea that, besides being a place to sleep and eat, the purpose of a home is essentially to store all the stuff you accumulate over the years. That may or ...

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What’s Memorable about your Home?

Chances are, there is a characteristic of your property that everyone remembers, appreciates, and maybe even envies. It could be a spacious kitchen with an island and upgraded appliances… or a stunning backyard with a wrap-around deck and beautiful landscaping… or rustic hardwood floors that contrast with elegant, high-end ceramics. Whatever ...

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UNDER CONTRACT!!! 660 North Broad Street, B17 in Elizabeth

Team Zuhl & Are very happy to announce that their buyer’s offer has been accepted and is out of Attorney Review!  We expect our buyer to close on this property in late June. Our buyer has been experiencing the highs and lows of the current market.  Having bid on six ...

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